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 +====== Lovely Croatia ======
 +Which will be the most amazing and memorable? From time to time your yacht will be going at a 45-degree angle and the waves will assault the illuminators-this is terrible! If you are prone to seasickness,​ your sailing trip might be an actual torture. At the helm of the yacht Bavaria 33 during the seiling in Croatia. This city, on an island of the same name, has the biggest medieval square, a mix of Baroque and Renaissance in Croatia. [[http://​croatianews.uk|www]]
 +These tiny streets seem to lead practically to the sky. You climb higher and higher to reach a well-preserved medieval bastille, Spanjola Fortress.
 +Sailing on the Adriatic Sea allows you to see several fascinating historical places. On the island the city by the exact same name is a challenger of Split. In our opinion it's an exaggeration. The city is incredibly beautiful from the sea but not so excellent inside. However, the steaks with gorgonzola at the embankment may impress any foodie
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